Coasters Cycling Club

Pedalling a Life of Adventure

There is no better vantage point than the seat of a bicycle for discovering the many wonders the world has to offer. For thirty seven years we have been planning and guiding adventure bicycle tours for family and friends. We have explored parts of central and Atlantic Canada, the USA, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We are always thrilled to meet like-minded cyclists with a zest for the satisfaction of self-propelled travelling.


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Cycling the Avalon | Newfoundland, Canada

3 - View from Spy Rock Westport 3 edit

Capital Rideau Adventure | Canada

The Blue Danube Cycle Trip (9)

The Blue Danube | Austria, Slovakia, Hungary

The Romantic Road Germany

The Romantic Road | Germany

Southern Shore Newfoundland

Southern Shore | Newfoundland

Mosel, Rhine, and Main River Germany

Mosel, Rhine, and Main River | Germany


Valley of the Loire | France

Viking Trail Newfoundland

Northern Peninsula | Newfoundland

West Ireland

West Ireland

Munich to Venice

Munich to Venice