About Us

Rob and Deb Harley Germany Trip 2013We are Rob and Deb Harley and we are thrilled to be your organizers, hosts and guides for the Coasters Cycling Club bicycle tours. When we aren’t enjoying an interesting part of the world on our trusty bicycles, we divide our time between our home in southern Ontario, Canada and our home in eastern Newfoundland, Canada.

There is no better vantage point than the seat of a bicycle for appreciating the many wonders the world has to offer. For thirty seven years we have been planning and guiding adventure bicycle tours for family and friends old and new. We have explored parts of central and Atlantic Canada, the USA, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We are always thrilled to meet like-minded cyclists with a zest for the satisfaction of self-propelled travelling.

We design our bicycle trips with pleasure and discovery in mind. We like to take our time and fully savour the sights, sounds and cultures we experience along our routes and our daily distances reflect this philosophy. Our itinerary usually covers between 50 km and 90 km in a day and the distances are geared to the difficulty of the terrain. If the planned cycling is not enough, there is always time for extra cycling after we’re checked into a cozy hotel for the night. The bicycle has never been about racing for us but our participants are free to travel the route at whatever speed they wish. We always ride the path at a comfortable pace but all members of our groups have complete route descriptions should they want to tarry awhile in a captivating village or race ahead relishing the invigorating joy of a fresh breeze in the face and a vitalizing muscle workout. We also provide our riders with background and historical notes because each place we visit has its own fascinating story. Resourceful Rob carries the knowledge and the tools needed to keep bikes rolling and rides “sweep”. In other words, he is always the last rider in each group, making sure that no one is left behind for any reason.

We look forward to many more adventures in the future cruising both old familiar routes and captivating new territories. Please feel free to contact us for more information about prospective or past trips.